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Are you also enchanted by the delicious scents of Nugi? Do you have a shop and do you think Nugi’s handmade perfumes suit you? Please contact us. DARO is a distributor of Nugi perfumes. Call or email Rosa 06-19015082 or

About nugi

Nugi is the name of an exclusive collection of perfumes, handmade in the Netherlands, in Schiedam. Nugi means “undressed” in Japanese. There are therefore only pure ingredients in Nugi. The packaging has also been stripped down and reduced to the essentials and therefore stylish.

Nugi tells stories in scents. Every Nugi fragrance is a memory. Inspired by the life of perfumer Babita Versluis. She translates memories into ingredients, which form the basis for the luxury perfumes. The collection is numbered according to the age when Babita had the scent memory. Speaking of storytelling, we love it

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